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I Was In A Car Accident But What If All My Injuries Aren’t Physical?

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Have you ever been in a car accident and suffered mental and emotional anguish afterward? Studies show that you aren’t alone. Mental disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Anxiety and Stress disorders can occur following stressful or traumatic experiences, like a car accident. Common symptoms of these disorders can include:

  • Flashbacks
  • Nightmares/Night Terrors
  • Recurrent, uncontrollable thoughts about the incident
  • Anxiety Attacks/Panic Attacks

At Armada Law, we frequently work with clients who are experiencing these symptoms following their car wrecks. While experiencing these symptoms can be scary, we want all of our clients to know that it does not have to stay that way. With help from medical professionals, self-care routines, and support from the Armada Law family, many of our clients have been able to mitigate the effect of these symptoms and return to their normal lives.

Can I Be Compensated For My Mental And Emotional Anguish?

Yes! PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, and other mental disorders caused by a car wreck fall under the category of what the legal field calls “pain and suffering.” Pain and suffering refers to physical discomfort and emotional distress that are compensable as noneconomic damages. Each state has its own laws concerning pain and suffering. For instance, Georgia requires that there is a physical injury to accompany the emotional distress in order for it to be compensable. For this reason, it is important to research and verify what your state allows and requires for your pain and suffering to be compensated.

How Can I Build My Pain And Suffering Case?

As is true for all components of a personal injury case, documentation is key to building your pain and suffering case. At Armada Law, we recommend that our clients keep track of their symptoms. Clients may choose to do this with a notebook, their notes app, or another method of tracking their symptoms following the incident.

Do you have questions about your pain and suffering that we have not discussed here? Give us a call at Armada Law for a free legal consultation on your case today!

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