From totaled vehicles
to traumatic injuries,
we turn the tide for your case.

Practice Areas

Bicycle Accidents – As a cyclist, you can do everything in your power to stay safe, but you can’t control the actions of other road users.

Car Accidents – Our skilled legal team works tirelessly to help car accident victims recover damages in full following a crash caused by another person’s negligence.

Drunk Driving Accidents – We seek justice against drivers who risk the lives of others by driving drunk and collect full compensation for victims.

Distracted Driving Accidents – When you’re involved in an accident caused by a distracted driver, our law firm can help gather evidence that you were not at fault so you can collect maximum compensation.

Head-On Collisions – We represent victims and their families when a head-on collision has brought about severe damage, including catastrophic injuries and death.

Hit and Run Accidents – Our law firm pursues justice by investigating hit-and-run accidents to find the guilty party and recover damages in full on behalf of our clients.

Premises Liability- A premises liability lawyer could recover your medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial losses when you are harmed on someone else’s property due to negligence.

Motorcycle Accidents – Our lawyers defend the rights of motorcycle accident victims by negotiating with insurance companies and pursuing damages in court if necessary.

Rear-End Collisions – We help rear-end collision victims prove that the other party’s negligence caused the crash and help them collect compensation.

Rideshare Accidents – We identify the liable party and hold them accountable for damages in the case of rideshare accidents.

Truck Accidents – We help victims of accidents with commercial vehicles recover from catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, loss of enjoyment of life, and other damages.

Workers Comp -If you were injured at a South Carolina work site, a workers comp attorney can help you file a claim that gets you the maximum workers comp benefits possible.